founder, CRNA, RN

Christi, the driving force behind BeautiSpot Boutique Med Spa, embarked on a journey fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Armed with a BSN from the University of Michigan in 1998 and an MSN from Drexel MCP Hahnemann in 2004, Christi's passion for nursing blossomed into a profound commitment to aesthetic care.

Founding BeautiSpot in 2018 marked the dawn of a new era, a sanctuary where beauty and wellness intertwine seamlessly.


In her beautispot era

From the vibrant streets of downtown Plymouth to the bustling corridors of the Fisher Building @ 905 W Ann Arbor Trail, BeautiSpot has flourished under Christi's guidance since its inception. With over 25 years as a nurse and two decades as a nurse anesthetist, Christi wields her expertise with finesse, earning the trust of clients drawn to her unwavering dedication.

Her journey through aesthetics is a testament to her insatiable thirst for knowledge. From Nashville to Chicago, Christi's pursuit of mastery knows no bounds, as she delves into advanced techniques and cutting-edge treatments. Her commitment to excellence extends beyond her practice; it's a philosophy woven into the fabric of BeautiSpot, where every client is embraced with warmth and compassion.

At the heart of Christi's world lies her family—a source of joy and inspiration. Married with three energetic boys, she navigates the delicate balance between professional excellence and cherished moments with loved ones.

meet the team

Christina K. is an experienced Registered Nurse with a passion for making you love what you see in the mirror! She graduated from Western Michigan University with a BS in Nursing and has worked as a critical care nurse since 2002. She became a certified injector in 2017, and has continued to attend advanced courses in facial rejuvenation.

Her experience and training in the plastic surgery industry has fine-tuned her facial assessment skills and the ability to give you realistic and beautiful results! Whether you’re new to the aesthetic world, or already have a love for all things beauty, Christina’s gentle, reassuring nature will make you feel comfortable and confident about your decision to invest in yourself and find your glow, at BeautiSpot!

Registered Nurse

Christina Ketvirtis

With over two decades of experience, Liz is the seasoned aesthetician you can trust. Having honed her craft for 20 years, Liz's expertise shines through in every Ultherapy session and microneedling procedure she performs. Her meticulous approach and deep understanding of aesthetics make her a standout in her field.

When she's not perfecting skin, Liz is busy fostering adorable puppies and kittens for our local animal shelter. She loves everything Harry Potter. As for summer, let's just say it's her least favorite season - she'd probably cast a "Dissendium" spell to hide from the sun!

master aesthetician


Passionate about body sculpting and wellness, Jackie is our EmSculpt Neo Tech who guides you through transformative body sculpting processes, sculpting a lean, chiseled, and sculpted body. As our go-to technician, she's committed to your success and satisfaction, ensuring you leave feeling empowered & inspired after coaching from her.

Off-duty, you'll likely find Jackie experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen or mastering her hula hoop skills.

Emsculpt Neo technician


With a background in customer service and sales, Jenny brings a unique blend of warmth, organization, and tech-savvy finesse to our team at BeautiSpot.

She's also a certified BravoTV aficionado, a master of wiggling ears, and a proud soccer mom to her 8-year-old daughter, whose jersey proudly bears the number 22, inspired by the scenic M22 route they adore. 

Patient Coordinator


Autumn was a bedside nurse in the ICU for 7 years and have been a Nurse Practitioner for 3 years. She currently works at Michigan Medicine (Go Blue!) in a pulmonary/critical care unit and at BeautiSpot!

Her personal favorite beauty treatments are Botox, PRP injections and lip filler! When she's not working, you can catch her listening to Taylor Swift, or hanging with her husband and two kids.

nurse practitioner


Gabby is deeply passionate about beauty and wellness. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Health Science with a focus on Holistic Health in 2020 and continued her education in Yoga and Esthetics in 2021. With over two years of professional experience, Gabby is dedicated to delivering both results and relaxation to her clients. Born and raised in Michigan, she enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and getting lost in a good book.



what makes us different

01. Personalized 1:1 Consultations: Unlike many other med spas, we prioritize getting to know our new patients on an individual basis. We believe in understanding your unique goals and concerns before recommending any treatments.

02. Comprehensive Treatment Planning: During your first visit, we'll work with you to develop a personalized plan that aligns with your goals. This approach allows us to optimize results and ensure your satisfaction.

03. Convenient Online Scheduling: We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer convenient 24/6 online scheduling. Additionally, our dedicated patient coordinator, Jenny, is always available to assist you with scheduling or any questions you may have. 

our current


That's why our favorite treatments await, and with our promotions, your wallet will thank you later. We're also sprinkling extra love with exclusive perks and surprises. Let's make fabulous happen, one deal at a time! 

everyone deserves a little slice of heaven

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krystal D.

I have had Botox from several different med spas and this one was my best yet! I’m also excited to get started on my skin care regimen that was recommended with the medical grade line at Beautispot. I already have my laser appointment booked and I can’t wait to see the results!!


kristen g.

I am a huge fan of Beautispot and all the ladies here. I have had more than a few of the offered services and I have been happy every time; emscuplt, PRP facials, Botox, microneedling, hydrafacials.... Christi and her team are extremely professional, knowledgable, and so sweet. You won't be disappointed.


jenny d.

Christi and Christina are so amazing! They really take the time to understand what you are looking for and genuinely care about each individual client. They are so talented at what the do! I feel so comfortable in the spa and trust them! BeautiSpot is the best!!


amanda f.

Micro-needling with AnteAGE stem cell facial. Jennifer is amazing to work with in a very comfortable environment; clean and professional. This is my second treatment in a series of three. Excellent results so far. I highly recommend BesutiSpot!


terri c.

Love BeautiSpot!! Christi and her team are professional, skilled and always concerned about their clients and their health. I feel comfortable with this team because I know they will not try to sell me something that I do not need. They are not pushy and truly want what is best for their clients. I will continue to go to BeautiSpot! I always look and feel great after a visit!!